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Physics rollercoaster Competition

Kinetic versus potential energy

This competition invites students to  explore different energy forms; their similarities and differences and their applications to real life circumstances and models.

This is an opportunity to strengthen your knowledge on these topics as well as to apply this learning to both a quiz after our presentation on the subject and a Physics competition that involves creating a model and a video submission to accompany it. Competition winners will receive gift cards and media recognition

who should Enter?

This competition welcomes students of ages 10-18, or 6th-12th graders, who have a keen interest in Physics and want to try and explore introductory concepts on a deeper level. The Deadline is extended to April 8th 11:59 CT

important details

View competition instructions through this link: 

Competition cost

This competition is free of cost to all middle school students. We are a nonprofit receiving funding through our sponsors and donations.

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