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2021 Youth in Physics Program
Award Winning Projects

During the Youth in Physics Summer Program that took place in the summer of 2021, participants worked in groups to create physics projects using VPython and creative videos to present physics concepts.

VPython Projects

Electric Motor.png

Group 4

Winni Lin, Ege OZMENEKSE, and Matthew Ding created a model of an Electric Motor using VPython. Their project placed 1st in the student-choice vote!

Screenshot 2021-07-24 142827.png

Group 6

Ray Cheng, Madhav Menon, and Abrar Habib created a model of the Solar System using VPython. Their project placed 2nd in the student-choice vote!


Group 2

Vincent Lin, Giulia Simplicio, and Kiran Silwal created a model of a pendulum using Vpython. Their project placed 3rd in the student-choice vote!

Winning Video

Creators: Madhav Menon, Ray Cheng, Abrar Habib 

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