Youth Inventa is an organization working to create free opportunities for high school students starting in 2021. Through the Youth in Physics Summer Program, students across the U.S (and internationally) will be able to spend 4 weeks of their summer learning, communicating, and enriching themselves with valuable knowledge.  Quantum computing, theoretical physics, or mechanics. Students will be introduced to a variety of fields. The program will run from June 7th to July 4th.

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The YiPS Program

YiPS is running for the first time in summer of 2021. YiPS is a 4-week, virtual physics summer program for high school students. Apply to hear from real physicists and explore a possible future career. Click below for the YiPS Course Description.

How do I apply?

Here is a video to showcase what our program has to offer!



The Youth in Physics Program is completely virtual and meetings will be every weekday from 12pm EST to 1:45 EST

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